Matt has been inspired by the more tradional styles in stained-glass and leadlight ie. Victorian residential and period pieces as well the ecclesiastical stained-glass artists Fergurson and Uie, Brooks Robinson and Joe Stansfield.

Brian is inspired by traditional styles as well as contemporary stained-glass artists of the past 70 years, he especially regards the work of architects Frank Lloyd Wright and Charlie Rennie Mackintosh.

Victorian Leadlights was established in 1977 in Bayswater, Melbourne by Brian Turner. He is a second generation Stained Glass Artist/ Leadlighter and was a student of Jack Turner (Melbourne) and Joseph Stansfield (Phoenix Studio U.K & Australia). Matthew Dell has been working alongside Brian since 1985.

Major projects have included re-creation and conservation of the ANZ Gothic bank, The Princess Theatre, Ormond College, Trinity Lutheran Church, and Whitefriars College (all in Melbourne).

Working on residential and major projects, Brian and his experienced team work on stained-glass, residential, conservation and ecclesiastical commissions.

Residential projects range in style, from traditional Victorian and period stained glass painting to Australiana and various contemporary architectural influences.